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HP Survey Says Many Lack Proper Network Security Featured Image

HP Survey Says Many Lack Proper Network Security

by: Bryon Turcotte  /  August 29, 2014

An industry study conducted by Hewlett-Packard found that the internal security threats felt by "_many organizations_" are not being taken "_as seriously as they should_, "according to a recent article published on the EWeek website. The article indicates that according to HP's new "_State of the Network Security Survey_" a large financial investment towards security does not guarantee that "_an enterprise is actually more secure._" According to the Hewlett Packard survey, approximately 70% of all network attacks originate from systems that were infected with "_some form of malware_, "the article states.

Jennifer Ellard, Director of Network Security Product Marketing for Hewlett Packard's Enterprise Security Products, was quoted in the article saying, "_This means that corporate networks are already infected with malware in many cases._" She said in the article that even though many organizations are "_already infected_, "they spend time and invest in resources trying to "_prevent intrusion._" The report added that according to Ellard, a need exists to "_help organizations not only block intrusion_" but remedy the infections. According to the article, this will not only "_increase their security posture_" but "_better optimize network bandwidth_, "according to the article.

The survey found, according to Ellard's comments stated in the article, that 71 percent of those who responded to the survey said "they are very concerned with external threats\, "but only 46 percent of surveyed showed "_strong concern for internal threats_." Many of the survey results "validated concerns that HP had been hearing from its customers_" according to the report, but they found some of the comments "_surprising." Ellard continued in the article to say, "It was interesting to see that companies who spend more on network security see more problems than those who spend less." She clarified in the report that the study shows, most importantly, that enterprises must make sure they are "spending network security budgets on the right things." Ellard said, "A layered approach to security is very important because hackers are getting savvier, and it's inevitable that some threats will penetrate the network."

Read more about this survey in the full article at EWeek and learn more about what organizations should be doing to protect themselves from harm.

Written by Bryon Turcotte  /  August 29, 2014