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Everything That’s Awesome About DNS & Hostwinds’ DNS Management Solution

by: Hostwinds Team  /  October 3, 2018

It's 2018, so at this point, it's no secret that the internet holds a significant amount of clout and influence worldwide. However, it may be less evident that IP addresses, those number codes that tie to and uniquely identify each website address, govern the internet. Let's walk through some of the relevant characteristics and elements of that method which deciphers these number codes and transposes them into easy-to-read website URLs.

Domain Name System and DNS Ingredients

In short, the Domain Name System translates the URLs entered in the internet search bar into an IP address. Individuals who have never heard of an IP address can competently navigate their desired website because of a Domain Name System. What a gift!

Why DNS is Important

Even those with brilliant memories would surely pull their hair out if they had to remember each diversified sequence of numbers in the IP address associated with any given URL. DNS ensures this never has to happen so we can all keep our sanity.

DNS is a vast, virtual database full of web domains and the critical information associated with each domain. Such information is contained within files known as zone files. An intrinsic component to DNS is a nameserver, which stores these files and acts as the DNS encyclopedia genius. Zone files contain the domain and endow nameservers to figure out how to interpret what a user types into the search bar.

SURPRISE SLOGAN: "Hostwinds' DNS Management Solution puts the D, N, and S, in Do Not Stress because it brings only Solutions while you manage your Domain Name System." WOO! Glorious. I bet I had you thinking this blog piece would be less goofy than the others with these first few paragraphs, didn't I? I wrote all serious: (*professional power woman voice*) "[…]the internet holds a significant amount of cloud and influence worldwide.[…] An intrinsic component to DNS is a nameserver[…]." You're probably thinking: "By no stretch of the imagination would anyone who read your previous blog pieces believe that you could write a severe and technical blog post without blurting out something silly." You get me so much, you smart cookie you. Fret not; the metaphorical slogan train will keep running strong!

PS If you are exceedingly confused right now because you haven't read the previous three slogans within the last three blog posts, oh, are you in for a treat. Click any of the links below to enjoy some funny slogans and amusement:

Other Elements Comprising DNS

Getting right back into the severe technical talk with no segway: Nameservers concisely communicate with other nameservers and implement various methods of sifting and sorting to route users to their desired destinations in seconds.

DNS records such as the "A" (Address) record, the "CNAME" (Canonical Name) record, and the "TTL" (Time to Live) record, to name a few, are also integral pieces of this DNS puzzle, as they explicitly command the server to take the user to their requested URL. The A record maps the domain straight to the IP address of the server that provides the home for that domain's website. The CNAME record leads domain aliases (such as's alias, to the proper IP address. The TTL record documents and stores the amount of time the DNS query takes to process.

Now, if you wish to descend deeper into this DNS rabbit hole, you might research how one's local DNS server reaches out to root servers all around the globe to help it find the address of the website. The kicker here is that these root servers have to call another server, the top-level domain server, to make this happen. A top level domain generates the ".org," ".net," and ".com" section of each domain.

All this sounds intricate and a touch tedious, doesn't it? Hence, the necessity for DNS management software.

Why DNS Management Matters

DNS management software ensures this plethora of vital information is compiled and refined correctly every time someone searches for a website. DNS management is a productive and economical solution because it eliminates the mistakes people would inevitably make responsible for the monotonous and redundant tasks associated with administering DNS procedures.

Hostwinds now provides our clients with THE DNS MANAGEMENT SOLUTION in our Cloud Portal. The DNS Management Solution assists Hostwinds clients with DNS record organization, DNS processes, and the DNS agenda.

Hostwinds' DNS Management Solution

Let's say you are interested in adding the DNS mentioned above A record to your DNS. Hostwinds' user-friendly DNS Management Solution makes this operation a piece of cake.

In this case, once you are logged in to your Hostwinds account, all you have to do is:

1. Locate the baby blue navigation bar towards the top of the page >> click the "Cloud Control" drop-down >> click the "Cloud Portal" link.

2. This is where the DNS Management feature comes in handy. Click the "Network" drop-down >> click "Domains" >> and, simple as that, you are now looking at the DNS Management Solution(/web page).

3. Begin exploring your DNS tools by clicking the "Actions" button on the far right >> select the "Records" option. This directs you to the area where you can add, alter, or delete your domain records.

4. To add your A record, all you have to do next is select the A option under "Manage Records for Domain: [Your Domain Name]," fill in the correct information regarding your domain and IP address >> push the baby blue "Add" button to the right >> and that's it. You now have a new A record.

(Note: To view your domain's IP address, click the "Servers" drop-down to the far left on the white navigation bar at the top of the page >> click the "My Servers" link >> your IP address will be listed just to the right of your server name.)

All your DNS records will then appear on this DNS Management page like so:

If you would like to delete your records, push the little trash can icon to the right. So easy!

Additionally, it can be a five-second process to add more domains. Click the green "Create" button to get started with that. This excellent Hostwinds Knowledge Base guide goes over the rest:

How Does DNS Management Make Your Life Better?

This is What's in it for You.

The Hostwinds team is committed to making our clients' lives more accessible. Our DNS Management Solution certainly does the trick. We do the heavy lifting and make this seemingly complicated system manageable for you. Just think of yourself as Harry Potter, the DNS Management Solution as Hogwarts, and your mouse as your wand. Click! Wingardium Leviosa! Click! Create anArecord! Bippity Boppity Boo! Wait, that's from Cinderella. (*Musical Notes*) A whole new world! A dazzling place I never knew…Don't you DARE close your eyes (*Musical Notes*)…oh…also not from Harry Potter? Ronald Weasley didn't sing that song to Hermionie Granger? No? Wow, I've got to step up my game concerning movie facts and trivia. Well, now I know how I'm going to spend my evening. Magic. Movie. Marathon. Poof.

Where to Go from Here?

On a more serious note, the Hostwinds team believes working professionals shouldn't have to take time away from their business concerns and affairs to learn everything there is to know about DNS. That is precisely why Hostwinds' DNS Management Solution empowers our clients to manage their DNS without having to spend an excessive amount of time monitoring this process on their own. This leaves them more time to watch Harry Potter, Cinderella, and _Aladdin. I mean to do productive things like attending to their business. Yeah. That's what I meant.

So, what's next? Well, all you have to do is click HERE or visit to access your Hostwinds account and begin checking out the assortment of benefits provided by our DNS Management Solution.

Hostwinds' DNS Management Solution: A Whole New World

For more information about all that is Hostwinds DNS Management, click HERE or visit to view a guide written by one of our very own Hostwinds family members.

We understand you are busy, so help us help you by diving into Hostwinds' DNS Management Solution. It will surely open (*Musical Notes*) A whole NeeEeeEew wooOooOorld! A new fantastic point of view! No one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we're only dreaming! (*Musical Notes*). I bet you knew that was coming. Have a magical rest of the week!

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  October 3, 2018