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Fed Group Posts Suggestions About Private Data Access Featured Image

Fed Group Posts Suggestions About Private Data Access

by: Bryon Turcotte  /  December 26, 2013

A group called the Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies, established by the federal government after the National Security Agency's (NSA) questionable foreign intelligence practices were recently made public, released a list of recommendations on how to maintain and keep national security at top priority while gaining back trust in the government's communications system, according to a recent report published by The Web Host Industry Review.

The article indicated that this group investigated "_the more broad issues around balancing liberty and security with privacy and civil rights." The President of the United States and his national security team will look at the review and consider its findings but is not obligated to adopt their recommendations. According to the article, it will take President Obama and his team several weeks to determine which of the listed recommendations in the group's review should be put in process.

One recommendation included on the group's list, according to this report, said that "governments should promote transparency about the number and type of law enforcement and other requests made to communications providers._" Large IT organizations have asked to make "_some of these details known_" when requests are made "_secret_" under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The article also states that "_the mass collection and storage of non-public personal information about individuals is specifically called into question, even if it enables future queries and data-mining for foreign intelligence. Data should be just narrow enough to serve an important government interest."

Read more detail about the recommendations made by the group and what steps are expected to move forward towards change in the full article at The Web Host Industry Review website.

Written by Bryon Turcotte  /  December 26, 2013