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Getting Started With Some Hostwinds Stuff

by: Hostwinds Team  /  February 26, 2019

It's a new day, and if you're anything like my silly, romantic, optimistic self, you jumped out of bed and immediately did the MC Hammer dance when you woke up. What's that? Does no one do that? Just me? Let's move on and pretend that intro didn't happen. (*rewinding sounds*)

Oh, hi there! Good day to you! Today we're going to have a little written chat about getting started with stuff. Starting the day out right, and starting anything out strong for that matter, is always the right way to go. That's why Hostwinds' team of experts created many of what I call "Getting Started Guides" in our Knowledge Base. We'll begin this, as the kids say, "TUrnt" up "getting started" powwow with the first guide to reference upon setting up an account with Hostwinds – The "Getting Started with Hostwinds" guide.

Getting Started With All That Is Hostwinds

The "Getting Started with Hostwinds" guide goes over the best way to begin your web hosting journey with Hostwinds. An excellent part of this guide is the following "Quick Start Steps":

"1. Register A Domain

2. Purchase Hosting

3. Set up nameservers for your domain to use your hosting (propagation)

4. Build Your Website and Publish To The Internet."

Now, onto some information about getting started with the exceptional opportunity Hostwinds gives to individuals looking to make easy money plugging Hostwinds products and services – the Hostwinds Affiliate Program.

Get An Affiliate Account, Get A Banner Ad, And Get Going!

The following Knowledge Base guide covers the fundamentals of the Hostwinds Affiliate program in addition to going over some tips about how to thrive as an affiliate:

This one explains how to use banner ads to promote us as a Hostwinds affiliate:

What's that? You can't get enough of these Getting Started Guides, and you want more? You got it, Blog World Fam!

Get A Sweet Operating System & A Sweet Control Panel

These Getting Started Guides are tutorials to familiarize yourself with one of the various operating systems and two of the various control panels Hostwinds offers:

OS Option: Centos

P.S. Here is a guide that contains a list of operating system options for Hostwinds clients:

What are My Operating System Options?

Control Panel Option: cPanel in WHM

Control Panel Option: McMyAdmin

P.S. This guide will give you a little more information about control panel option for Hostwinds clients:

What Free Control Panel Options are There Besides cPanel?

Alright, it looks like we are all set, and we can get ourselves all ready and geared up for a colorful conclusion.

Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

Take one guess as to how we'll end this blog post. Did you guess?



"You can't touch this

You can't touch this

You can't touch this

You can't touch this"

Be an untouchable web hosting boss in the same way that MC Hammer became an untouchable boss after creating his very famous song! Get started with our Get Started Guides today.

(P.S. We do not own any rights to the lyrics of MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This," and we hope that our use of them is inoffensive and covered under FAIR USE.)

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  February 26, 2019