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Hostwinds DDoS Protection: “No.” is a Complete Sentence Featured Image

Hostwinds DDoS Protection: “No.” is a Complete Sentence

by: Hostwinds Team  /  December 16, 2018

A sincere letter from me to hackers:

Dear Hackers,

First off, you know that hacking you do? Hmmm…How to put this…Could you…not?


Hmmm…Actually, that covers all of it.

Oh, wait! I have one more thing to say!

You know that hacking you do? COULD YOU NOT?



WOW, that felt great to get off my chest! I know what you're thinking: "Erin, you know how to concisely write a beautiful and eloquent letter so well." I'm flattered to the point of blushing from the thoughts I assume you have, you charming audience, you!

Most hackers are poopy. Hackers that attack via DDoS are super poopy. DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service, and it is when hackers purposefully fill their victim's websites with fake traffic to make the site go down. Wait a minute! I have major Deja Vu right now! Oh, that's because (you had to know a shameless plug was coming:) I discussed it in a previous blog post entitled "Hostwinds Help: I.P.s and How to Manage Them."

What's that? You have two comments, one being that the blog post I mentioned was absolutely riveting and the second being that I may be just a touch too full of myself?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: You keep me humble and down-to-earth my treasured audience, and that's why I keep you around.

What is DDoS & What is DDoS Protection?

To be quite frank, my description of DDoS in that blog post was…awesome, so I'm going to let past me do the work so present me doesn't have to! Here was past me's synopsis of DDoS:

"DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service, occurs when hackers overload a website with a substantial amount of faux traffic that comes from a bunch…like a buuuuunch…of different locations from a bunch of different systems that are contaminated with viruses. This makes it challenging to tell the difference between the imitation users and people who are actually viewing the website. It also makes it virtually impossible to figure out the source of the cyberspace assault."

I go on to explain, "In addition, sometimes hackers can send the website copious amounts of random rubbish information to overwhelm the website and shut it down. As a result of attacks like this, the hacked website denies services to all users against the website owner's will. NOT COOL!"

What's that? Do you insist that I delicately place a link to that blog post below before proceeding? Well, if you insist:

It is very fortuitous that Hostwinds offers DDoS protection in our colorful Cloud Portal because you can use it to tell those DDoS hackers, "Kick rocks, ya bullies!"

I love the following Hostwinds' Knowledge Base guide entitled "DDoS Protection Overview" because it gives you a lot of the DDoS protection info included in this blog post without the fluff, bells, and whistles:

Hostwinds DDoS protection is particularly helpful in that it gives our clients the ability to edit their DDoS settings, edit their protection levels, and adjust other aspects of the DDoS protection they employ.

Click the link below if you are interested in learning about the various controls and management options you have when you implement DDoS protection in the Cloud Portal:

P.S. DDoS Protected I.P.s are a great add-on for a Cloud Server. They are economical, and they are surely worth getting to make sure your site is fully protected against DDoS.

If you want to get even deeper into this whole DDoS protection universe, visit to check out this Knowledge Base guide detailing the proper way to implement DDoS protection with Cloudflare.

Why is Hostwinds' DDoS Protection For You?

Whoever invented DDoS protection deserves a party thrown for them because it is a true gift to be able to prevent hackers from messing up your whole website situation. The Hostwinds Team added the DDoS protection feature to our Cloud Portal to make sure our clients have a harmonious web hosting experience in every capacity. Furthermore, our team designed the DDoS protection tool in the Cloud Portal to be very simple for anyone to set up. No one should have to spend hours trying to figure out how to prevent their website from being attacked by DDoS hackers, and our experts take scrupulous measures to ensure our DDoS protection procedures are easy for all our clients. Get started with Hostwinds DDoS protection today and give a "TALK TO THE HAND" to all DDoS hackers!

In conclusion:


Hostwinds = GOOD

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  December 16, 2018