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Hostwinds Tutorials: How to Set Up Website Files in cPanel File Manager Featured Image

Hostwinds Tutorials: How to Set Up Website Files in cPanel File Manager

by: Hostwinds Team  /  December 19, 2018

Do you know why I love introductions so much? What's that? It's very clear I don't love introductions because I feel redundant saying "Hello," "Hi again," "Welcome," and all the other intro phrases over and over again? WHOA…You know me better than I know myself at this point (get ready for a $10 word:) omniscient audience, you.

I know what you're thinking: "Enough with the intros, $10 words, and fluff, Erin! When are we going to build a website from scratch together as you told us we would in the 'HTML Hype' blog post?"

The thought I assumed you were having reminded me to shamelessly plug that blog post! Here is the link in case you'd like to learn a bit more about HTML:

Hostwinds HTML Hype

We are going to build a website, and we keep leading up to it, and the suspense is probably so intense right now. It's like that time when the Harry Potter movie first came out into theatres and the days preceding it felt like they were going by at a VERY slow pace. Too arrogant to compare a Hostwinds blog post to the premiere of one of the greatest movie series of all time? Yes, I said it (or wrote it, rather)! The Harry Potter movie series was one of the best of ALL TIME. Now that you know my position on that, why don't we move on…?

Even though we've been hyping it up for a bit now, we will debut our website-building blog series in 2 DAYS!

This blog post was inspired by a wonderful Hostwinds Front-Line Team member, Abigail, who teaches me smart-people stuff every day. She explained to me how to use my Hostiwnds' Business account to store the files for my website, and it made my life so much better! Oh, SPEAKING of Hostwinds Business web hosting accounts, click below to learn more about them and order one if you so choose (This is your conscience telling you that you should do it…it's the right thing to do!

Here is the tutorial Abigail gave me:

Abigail's File Manager Instructions



Second thing's second: I'd like to note that this tutorial blog post is going to be fairly straightforward without a lot of the bells, whistles, and glitter I sprinkle onto the other blog posts. Why? 1. To mix it up a bit 2. To make this blog post easier to reference when we build a basic website from scratch together in the ($ 10-word alert:) didactic blog series that is coming up SO SOON!

Now, here is the tutorial Abigail gave me:

1. Log in to Client Area (

2. Log in to cPanel (Click the green "Manage" button to the right of your product or service >> Click the "Login to cPanel" link within the "Actions" menu to the far left of the page).

3. Go to your File Manager (located within the "FILES" menu).

4. Navigate to your public_html directory (on the left-hand side).

5. Create a separate folder for your website files.

6. Create files directly (by clicking the "+File" button toward the far left of the top navigation bar) or add them directly (by clicking the "Upload" link toward the middle of the same top navigation bar).

7. Edit your files (by right-clicking the file >> clicking the "Edit" link).

This HTML Code Constitutes Abigail's Website's Landing Page

View Your Website

8. Check out the web pages and make sure they look loverly by following these directions:

Go to the internet search bar, type in your Shared or Business domain name >> type in a forward slash >> type in your folder name >> type in another forward slash >> type in your file name >> push enter.

P.S. If you are interested in viewing the homepage Abigail created via the HTML code in the image above, take a look at this Knowledge Base guide that she wrote herself (YOU GO GIRL!):

How to create a custom landing page using HTML and CSS

You're All Set

That pretty much covers it all! Don't forget to keep this is a cheat sheet for the Hostwinds blog series instructing you to make a basic website from scratch. Have I referenced that impending blog series too many times within this blog post? What's that? There is no question that that is certainly the case? Once again, I'm finding that you know me better than I know myself. You get me! Talk to you (or write to you, rather) soon!

*Omniscient = All-knowing

*Didactic = Educative / explanatory / instructional

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  December 19, 2018