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Hostwinds Web Hosting Updates

by: Peter H  /  December 25, 2011

Hey guys, I have not had time to post a blog post in quite some time, mainly because I have been so busy working on bringing new things to Hostwinds. The last post we made was way back in August. I think I should start by bringing everyone up on our current network statistics.

We currently own and operate 40 Servers deployed between 3 cabinets in our Dallas data center. We have room to expand in our current cabinets to the point of having 60 Servers.

We Host over 10,000 Domains across our entire network

We push around 100+ Terabytes of bandwidth through our lines every month

We are growing faster than ever, and a lot has changed since my last blog post. Let me highlight some of the biggest and coolest changes.

  • Brand New Client Area
  • Added Alert Pay as a Payment Option
  • Ruby on Rails Integration with cPanel
  • Separate Server for Business Accounts
  • 25+ Servers have been added since the last post
  • 2 New Full Time Technicians Hired
  • Anti-DDOS Soltuion Created
  • Custom Private Load Balanced Cloud Solution Created
  • New Live Support Software
  • Advanced Server Security System Implemented
  • Cloudflare Added to ALL Shared Servers

That is just a handful of the hundreds of changes that have been going on here at Hostwinds. We also have quite a few changes on the horizon that we feel we should let everyone know about. These changes that will be happening in the next 60 days include:

  • Becoming an Official ARIN Member
  • Deploying New Servers for Reseller, Shared, and Business Hosting
  • Adding a New Product Line VDS (Virtual Dedicated Servers) for Very High-End Use at a Great price
  • $50, $75, and $100 Google Adwords Credits for ALL Client's New and Existing
  • Option to Purchase Sitelock Website Malware Scanning
  • Ability to Make a Partial Payment via PayPal on your Invoice
  • GoMobi Mobile Website Platform
  • Dedicated Database Server Addon for All VPS and VDS Products
  • Ability to Scale RAM, CPU, and Link Speed On VPS, and VDS Solutions Without Upgrading to a higher level
  • Automatic Website Transfers for New Client's
  • Website Redesign with New Pages to better help our clients understand our different plan levels

As you can see, we have a LOT on the horizon, and we are excited to bring all of these new things to all of our Hostwinds clients. We work every day to bring new things to our hosting that makes the hosting you receive the best available anywhere! I will be updating this blog more frequently as we want to do a better job of keeping our client's informed as to what's going on behind the scenes. We couldn't do any of this without your loyal support, and so continue to recommend us to your friends. That is the biggest way anyway can say thanks to us is by referring their friends, or writing a review about your personal experiences about the company.


Written by Peter H  /  December 25, 2011