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by: Matthew Davison  /  June 7, 2021

Well, hello there. It's been a while. I'm Matt from the design team at Hostwinds' Seattle office, and we've been very busy building some great things for you.

Hostwinds is going through some big changes, if you haven't noticed, and we're starting with our website at For the moment, these changes are only affecting the marketing site and will not affect your cloud portal and back end. Don't be afraid, though. We've made sure to keep all of your needs front and center. We want to ensure that our updates smoothly transition you to the future of easier use of our products and services.

You'll notice that we've organized our content to be easier to read and navigate. In addition, we've taken significant strides to make things accessible to all of our potential clients. We've also pushed hard to make our site accessible from any device you wish so that you can get information on the go. For instance, if your native language is not English, it is most likely an annoying process to constantly use a translator in your browser. So you can now set your language preferences from the top-right menu to view the site in your native language, and it will stay there until you prompt it to change.

In addition, We've looked at the failings of our current site as a whole and addressed them.

A notable change, in particular, is our Community section. Here you can find all of the Product Documentation, Tutorials, and our Company Blog. We've collated, streamlined, and separated our Product Documentation into digestible chunks. And we've been organizing the content to make it easier for you to get what you need right when you need it. In addition, we will be consistently updating and adding articles for the best coverage of our offerings company-wide possible. Our Tutorials for all things web-related are now legible and interactive on both your desktop and your phone. We look forward to Tutorials being continually updated and adding to your knowledge from now on. We want only to offer the best possible services and products for you. To this point and as we move forward, we will be introducing further improvements to our site and our products to hold to that Hostwinds' promise. Thank you for your time and choosing us, and happy hosting.

Written by Matthew Davison  /  June 7, 2021