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Microsoft Takes Big Steps to Protect Online Privacy Featured Image

Microsoft Takes Big Steps to Protect Online Privacy

by: Bryon Turcotte  /  December 5, 2013

Microsoft officials announced on Wednesday they will move forward in efforts to "protect the privacy of online communications_" and "_encrypt Internet traffic traveling through its data centers_, "according to an article published by CNet News. The article noted that Microsoft compared government surveillance to "_sophisticated malware and cyber attacks."

In a blog post authored by Microsoft's general counsel, Brad Smith spoke of Microsoft's concern regarding specific allegations, which point at the unwarranted collection of customer data from the internet by "some governments_, "according to the article. Smith confirmed as the article indicates, that Microsoft is moving forward to "_ensure that any government surveillance of the Internet is conducted legally rather than by a technological subterfuge."

The article quotes Smith's comments in the blog to say,"_If true, these efforts threaten to seriously undermine confidence in the security and privacy of online communications._" He continued to say, "_Indeed, government snooping potentially now constitutes an 'advanced persistent threat,' alongside sophisticated malware and cyber attacks_," according to the article.

Read more about Microsoft's efforts to increase security and privacy for its customers in the full article at Cnet News online.

Written by Bryon Turcotte  /  December 5, 2013