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Skywalker Server School – Create a Server with Yoda Pt. 1 Featured Image

Skywalker Server School – Create a Server with Yoda Pt. 1

by: Hostwinds Team  /  November 29, 2018

Hello and welcome to another unconventional tour through a page within Hostwinds' Cloud Portal – The "Create a Server" page. The Cloud Portal is an essential component of Hostwinds clients' accounts. A necessary element in the Cloud Portal is the Create a Server page. Seeing as this web page contains a substantial amount of selections before clients click the green "Create Server" button at the bottom of the page, we'll take a moment to make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decisions. We're going to become expert server creators…or, you could say, (foreshadowing is about to happen:) "Server Jedis." The Hostwinds Team will be your confidant as you decide between your various operating systems, applications, ISOs, data centers, and billing cycle options (to name just a few).

The VPS and the Cloud Portal

If cloud servers are still an ($ 10-word warning:) enigma to you, rest assured the Hostwinds Knowledge Base guide entitled "What is a Cloud Server?" has a glorious definition to help clarify what cloud servers are and what they do:

"Cloud Servers are VPSs (Virtual Private Servers) on the Hostwinds' Cloud platform. These servers are virtualized within our Cloud platform using Enterprise drives and hardware for the dedicated resources your server utilizes. Cloud servers can be quickly spun up in just a few clicks of your mouse and can be customized to tailor to your needs."

Visit HERE to quickly increase your cloud server (anywhere from $7 – $10 word coming up:) prowess.

Hmmm, let's see…(guess what this is leading to? Did you think a $ 10-word alert? Your intelligence and foresight amazes me. You are correct AS USUAL! Here it is a :) laudable introduction, CHECK. Clarification as to what cloud servers are, CHECK. Did I miss anything before we begin touring the Create a Server page? Oh yes! How could I forget!? Some wisdom from the (one more $10 word before advancing to the Create a Server wonderland:) venerable (can you tell I've been learning some new words lately?) philosopher…YODA! As in Yoda from George Lucas' Star Wars_…(*Yoda voice*), I learned so much from the advice of Master Yoda. Namely, Yoda explains to Luke Skywalker that all the latter's knowledge has accrued is of great importance. Why? Yoda says that such accumulation of knowledge will ultimately be (_Star Wars pun:) the force that gives Luke the strength to prevail over the dark side.

In other words, that precious little asparagus-looking guru advises Luke to retain and hold on to all the knowledge passed on to him. Yoda seems to understand the principle that every piece of information entering one's reality is brought to that individual to help them carry out their life's mission/purpose (in some way or another). As you engross yourself in this server creation process, remember that the information you learn will serve you in some capacity in the future:

Without further delay, let's mosey on over to the Create a Server page:

…Oh wait, IMPORTANT DELAY: You're going to enjoy this delay, as it is (…back by popular demand…) even more Yoda insight! The tiny puff of magical genius also assists Luke in understanding what life is all about when the former always tell the latter to make sure to teach others what the latter has learned.

When you become a Server Jedi, don't forget to spread this intelligible server creation knowledge to as many people as possible (to practice what Yoda advises you to do…not so that Hostwinds' munificent products and services can become more well-known….okay, maybe that was the intention behind this *giggles*, but I still maintain that Yoda's advice is worth knowing nonetheless!). By the way, I recommend looking up all the (SPOILER ALERT:) many Yoda (made up word coming up:) pearls of wisdom that I paraphrase in this blog series.

Now, onto the Create a Server page. The following instructions will guide you straight there:

The Server Solar System

Step 1: Log in to your Client Area (

Step 2: Find your way to the Cloud Portal (Click the "Cloud Control" drop-down toward the right on the baby blue navigation bar at the top of the Client Area >>> Select "Cloud Portal" option).

Step 3: Click the Yoda-colored "Create" button with the sweet spaceship on it.

That green button reminds me of those glowing emerald bat ears with a mind of their swaying back and forth as Yoda dropped these two mic-drop-worthy insights: 1. People often learn the most from their failures 2. Answers and solutions come to us when our minds are tranquil and relaxed. The stillness of the mind and inner peace bring wise decisions and ideas. How does all that apply to the creation of a server? As the kids these days would say, it's "OBVIIIIII" because 1. we don't need to worry about making all the perfect choices while we create our server(s) now that we know failure has its silver lining and perks, and because 2. we now know that it would be prudent if we all take deep breaths and stay calm as we decide what type of server to create.

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  November 29, 2018