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The Hostwinds Client Area Overview Page & The Path Toward Enlightenment Pt. 1 Featured Image

The Hostwinds Client Area Overview Page & The Path Toward Enlightenment Pt. 1

by: Hostwinds Team  /  October 26, 2018

The Hostwinds Team would like to make it easier for clients with Shared or Business Hosting plans to navigate the plethora of features and tools available to them within our Client Area. With that in mind, we'll tour the Client Area Overview page throughout this 2-part blog series.

This tour, however, is not going to be much like the tour we took through the Hostwinds Cloud Portal. Speaking of that (first $10 word coming up:) salient blog series, oh…what's this? Links to both Part 1 and Part 2 of the Cloud Portal tour blog series? How fortunate! Check these out if you would like to become the champion of the Cloud Portal and all the features contained within it:

Back to why this tour is different: Although the Cloud Portal tour is A HOOT, as it was written by a real O.G. (OH SHE WENT THERE!), it includes a lot of "clicking here directs you to here," "click this button to navigate to this page," and things of that nature. Alright, so hear me out here… to mix it up a bit and capitalize on the creative aspect of these blog pieces, I initially had this (saying this ironically:) brilliant insight to explain how each part of the Client Area Overview page resembles one of the highly beneficial 26 yoga postures composing the Bikram (Hot) yoga series…in order!

Confessions & Stuff

Confession #1: Although you may have inferred this already, I am, at heart, a reeeeal hippie.

Confession #2: While composing this blog piece, I laughed a lot as I realized more and more that it would be a real (yoga pun #1:) stretch to find the similarities between Client Area features and yoga. Said laughter brought the following intelligent words from a guru by the name of Osho to mind: "Seriousness is an illness; seriousness has nothing spiritual about it. Spirituality is laughter. Spirituality is joy. Spirituality is fun." Laughter is medicine, and there is immense value in not taking yourself too seriously.

This thought-provoking quote brought about even more pondering. I meditated on the various techniques to move forward on the path toward enlightenment while also trying to think of ways to make this blog post like none other. Such reflection ultimately brought about this question: what if the Hostwinds community could explore the Client Area Overview page while simultaneously attaining some inner peace or inspiration?

Now, an appropriate question to ask here: what does "the path toward enlightenment" in the title of this blog series mean? Without any dogma or implications, it means your personal growth and evolution as you become your best self.

Hence, the new and improved idea as to how to structure this blog series: We'll begin by laughing together at how I tried to compare features within the Client Area Overview page to the immense benefits of yoga poses, then rapidly move on to some other hippie stuff that will hopefully help you gain more peace of mind and mental clarity or, at the very least, bring a smile to your face. As mentioned in previous blog pieces, one of Hostwinds' core values is transparency…OH, and transparency is what you'll get during these blog pieces! The goal of this tour is to inform you while simultaneously aligning you with your best self. Let's just (yoga pun #2:) lunge right into it:

Starting Strong

You've created a Shared or Business account with Hostwinds. What's next? The Hostwinds Team suggests familiarizing yourself with your Client Area so you can exercise the countless tools at your disposal and get the most out of your Hostwinds experience. The first thing you'll want to do is log in to your Client Area.

Step 1. Click this link to log in:

Optional Step 2. We'll begin this step with Confession #3: When I first saw the horde of new vocabulary words that come with creating a website and utilizing web hosting products and services, I felt overwhelmed. I was constantly on typing things like "What on earth is an SSH?" into the search bar. Finding yourself in a similar position? The "Glossary of Terms" Knowledge Base guide ($ 10-word alert:) disambiguates several relevant terms that you may encounter throughout your web hosting adventure:

Step 3. Now that we've gotten this far, we see the Client Area home page. Step three is getting to know this page. The following guide walks you through every section of the Client Area home page:

Step 4. To inspect all the pieces, portion, and parts of the Client Area Overview page, here's what you'll want to do:

Make sure you're on the Client Area home page and click the green "Manage" button with the cog icon to the right of your product or service. Now you're looking at your very own Client Area Overview universe, you omnipotent warlock!

Overview Section

Weeeeee, there it is! The Client Area Overview page! Toward the top left, you'll see there is the lovely "Overview" section. This section includes the "Information" and "Add-ons" tabs.

Information – This is what you click when you want to get back to the main Shared or Business service Overview page within your Client Area**.**

The Information section is like the first posture in the hot yoga series, (1.) "Pranayama breathing" (also referred to as "Standing Deep Breathing Pose") because it is the most basic but most important part of the whole shebang. Pranayama breathing entails interlacing your fingers under your chin and pulling your elbows up toward the sky as you take a breath in, then pushing against your chin with your fists as you exhale and bringing your elbows to touch. Make sure to periodically verify that your information is correct/in check, just as you would often check in with your breath while practicing yoga.

OH, yeah, I was starting strong! I was so confident that I could do this 25 more times at this moment. Aww, bless my sweet, optimistic heart.

Add-ons – When you click the Add-ons menu item, any add-ons that can be applied to your account will appear on the screen.

Add-ons are like the second pose, (2.) "Half Moon," because when you make a triangle with your arms above your head and curve your whole body to the left and right (emulating a crescent moon), you are doing something that seems effortless and insignificant. This is an illusion, though, because while you practice this pose, you are serving your digestive tract, strengthening your core and legs significantly, and aiding your body in many ways that you wouldn't necessarily be evident to someone observing this posture. In the same way, seemingly small add-ons like Shared Cloud backups can bring epic benefits and make a significant impact on your web hosting experience.

Okay, okay, still going strong. Definite correlation.

Then It Started To Get (Yoga Pun #3:) Awkward

A parentheses-enclosed pun alert in the heading?? OH, SHE WENT THERE…AGAIN!

Actions Section

The "Actions" section has seven little drop-down babies within it. The first of these drop-down babies is the "Login to cPanel" option.

Login to cPanel – When you click this, it takes you to the main cPanel page. What is cPanel, you ask? This guide has the answer:

Suppose you aren't yet familiar with cPanel. In that case, it is a fantastic control panel that makes managing your web hosting services a lot more convenient. Clients can install and update applications like WordPress, configure and set up email accounts, build their sites with Weebly Website Builder, and perform any other account-related operations within cPanel. Click the "Login to cPanel" link to jump right into cPanel.

cPanel and the next pose, (3.) "Awkward Pose," are (impending $10 word:) homogeneous because cPanel organizes your files and puts all your important information in order. Similarly, Awkward Pose is one of those postures that makes you ensure all your muscles are engaged and your joints are stacked nicely because, if they aren't, you will legitimately fall over. This is a posture in which you squat and turns yourself into a chair while holding your arms straight in front of you.

Confession #4: It is appropriate that we are discussing the Awkward Pose here, as this is where I began to start to feel awkward in my own body while trying to make this whole Client Area yoga association work. Moving right along nonetheless: The "Login to Webmail" Actions baby is right under the Login to cPanel baby.

Laughter Is Medicine

Login to Webmail – This link brings you straight to the email you set up with cPanel. Once you've got such email all set up, you can access your Webmail from any browser, device, or location just by logging in to your Client Area.

Folks, bear with me because here's where this metaphorical tapestry started to unravel. Case and Point…the following sentences: Changing your password here and there increases the security of your account. This is similar to (4.) "Eagle Pose" in…no way…it's similar in no way. Hehehe…rest assured that we're ending this hippie fest right now.

Real quick though, before we do, a reasonable question: Yoga is often mentioned when individuals talk about those things that help one move forward on the path toward enlightenment. But why? A highly-respected yogi, Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar, said, "It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind, self, and intelligence."

Deepak Chopra also had something interesting to say about this: "Yoga stimulates different nerves in your body, especially the Vagus nerve that carries information from the brain to most of the body's major organs, slows everything down, and allows self-regulation. It's the nerve that is associated with the parasympathetic system and emotions like love, joy, and compassion."

The postures that were to be explained in Part 1 are the following:

(5.) Standing Head to Knee (16.) Cobra Pose

(6.) Standing Bow Pose (17.) Locust Pose

(7.) Balancing Stick Pose (18.) Full Locust Pose

(8.) Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose (19.) Bow Pose

(9.) Triangle Pose (20.) Fixed Firm Pose

(10.) Standing Separate Head to Knee Pose (21.) Half Tortoise Pose

(11.) Tree Pose (22.) Camel Pose

(12.) Toe Stand (23.) Rabbit Pose

(13.) Savasana (Dead Body Pose) (24.) Head to Knee Pose and Stretching

(14.) Wind-Removing Pose (25.) Spine-Twisting Pose

(15.) Sit Up (26.) Blowing in Firm Pose

P.S. For the record, without any funny joke business, I highly recommend researching the ways each of these poses ware designed to increase blood flow and the resilience of each body part.

P.P.S.You can modify these postures to make them a bit easier if you are starting, so it is worth giving all of them a shot. Their benefits are countless (impending shameless plug:) just like the benefits of these remarkable tools in the Client Area Overview page! Segway. Achieved.

Okay, NOW: (*Robot voice*) Initializing. Hippie. Fest. Shutdown.

Hippie. Fest. Effectively. Shutdown.

Time to make sure we understand these features:

Change Password – This link makes it very simple to change your password. Periodically changing your password increases your account's security, so the Hostwinds Team suggests doing so every three months at a minimum.

Upgrade/Downgrade – If you wish to upgrade or downgrade your product or service, click this link. When you do so, all of the options available to you will appear. Choose between them and upgrade or downgrade in a flash!

Upgrade/Downgrade Options – Hostwinds will let you know if your product or service is eligible for a promotion or downgrade here and, if it is, we allow you to upgrade or downgrade easily.

Change Domain – Your domain name is connected to the account you have in cPanel. Just type in the new domain name and click the green "Change" button – Boom, primary domain name changed.

Request Cancellation – We can pretty much skip this feature because it would be silly to cancel an account supplying you with such quality services, products, and support. Just kidding, but please don't cancel! "Request Cancellation" gets the cancellation process started for clients.

Oh wait, I just remembered the promise I made to you to bestow upon you some more hippie stuff after cutting off the yoga posture talk to help you on your journey of self-realization. How about some healthy affirmations?! I will take your silence to this rhetorical question as a "YES PLEASE!" (*Robot voice*) Initializing. Hippie. Fest. Reboot.

Hippie. Fest. Effectively. Rebooted.

Try reciting affirmations like this if you ever feel mental cloudiness:

Randomly Placed Affirmations #1/#2/#3/#4/#5/#6/#7/#8: I am healthy and whole. I always know certainly that I am enough and that I am loved. I am at peace every second of every day. I am happy and grateful every second of every day. I am compassionate, and I only make moral, love-based decisions. Things always go well for my loved ones and me. I know my life's purpose, and every single day of my life is meaningful. I genuinely enjoy every present moment of every day.

Oh, thank my lucky stars, we got through that in one piece! I joke, but stay tuned for Part 2, where we'll discuss the remainder of the features on this page, including but not limited to the newest feature, "Firewall Unblock," and (arguably the coolest part of the Client Area Overview page:) the "Quick Shortcuts" section. What's that? You want Part 2 to be filled with encouraging and touching tidbits that lift your spirit and increase your general mindfulness? Aww, I can't say no to you. YOU GOT IT! By the end of Part 2, we'll all be serene little mini buddhas!

Like Yoga, Hostwinds' Client Area Strengthens You & Brings You More Peace

Why the Client Area Overview page is #1: Above all, the Client Area Overview page is exceptional because…hmm…how to articulate this? It displays most of the information relevant to your account. It allows you to interact with and manage this data in the most user-friendly way. The Client Area Overview page and all Hostwinds' products and services are designed to make intricate web hosting procedures quite simple for our clients.

Why Hostwinds is #1: We care about you even more than we care about web hosting…which says A LOT, as we are total web hosting nerds. This is why we offer 24/7/365 personalized support and many free features that wouldn't typically be included in web hosting plans. Furthermore, we don't refer to ourselves and our wonderful community as "The Hostwinds Family" to pander or to be corny…we do so because we are like family and, as such, we look out for one another. We also look out for you and your best interest. The Hostwinds Team holds our clients dear to our hearts, and we hope every one of you accepts our sincere gratitude and thanks for being a necessary member of our family.

Another reason why Hostwinds is #1: The Hostwinds Team often asks ourselves the following questions: 1. "What kind of company do we want to be?" 2. "What kind of change do we want to make?" 3. "What does our company want to represent, stand for, or promote?"

If you were to replace the word "country" with "web hosting industry" or "clients" within John F. Kennedy's famous words, "[…] ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country," BOOM, that's what Hostwinds is all about. We wish to serve our clients and community. To expand on that, everyone involved in the web hosting industry would be wise to ask: "What kind of industry do we want to be?" Let's all meditate on that until we investigate it further in Part 2. All of us here at Hostwinds will be sending you much positive energy until then. *Sniffles* I'll miss you…single tear.


The Hostwinds Client Area Overview Page & The Path Toward Enlightenment Pt. 2

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  October 26, 2018