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The Hostwinds Support Team’s Thoughts on What Quality Assistance Entails Featured Image

The Hostwinds Support Team’s Thoughts on What Quality Assistance Entails

by: Hostwinds Team  /  July 3, 2020

You know how the saying goes, "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link." This is an underrated concept, and it happens to relate to the mentality of our dedicated support team here at Hostwinds. If one were to describe the individuals of integrity that comprise our support team, 'proactive team players' would certainly be a good place to start. 'Optimistic problem solvers' and 'solution finders' might be another choice group of words to aptly characterize this team.

Calm and collected, our support staff builds authentic relationships with clients. In fact, Hostwinds' support training is designed to create an office culture conducive to developing our agents' strong communication skills.

'Support' seems to be a bit of an understatement in terms of what our team offers. It does not just support. It's clear, succinct, and not-overly-complicated advice and guidance. We provide personal support, meaning not just some canned, fake response. In other words, we don't treat clients like they are numbers, and we speak to them like they are people, not robots. That requires a certain kind of support team member – a sensitive, compassionate, and respectful support team member. Speaking of 'support,' let's hear what a few of our support team agents had to say when we asked them various questions about what 'real support' means to them.

Our Support Team's Thoughts Regarding Personal Assistance

Without further adieu, some thoughts and opinions about Hostwinds' support from none others than the support team members themselves:

Brianna: "Hostwinds' support team is made up of a diverse group of intelligent individuals from all walks of life. This is what makes our team unique, and we all work together in order to give our clients the best, most comprehensive service. On top of that, we are always here, ready to assist 24/7/365."

Zach: "Hostwinds' staff is always looking to improve our experience as a hosting company and pass that experience along to the customer."

Support Team Agent Alex summed up his feelings about what makes Hostwinds stand out in the hosting industry with this concise statement:

Alex: "24/7 support and personable customer service."

Onto the rest of the crew's outlooks on what Hostwinds' support has to offer:

Adam: "We are fast and tend to resolve most issues relatively quickly. We are also personable and understand where the client is coming from.

24/7/365 support essentially guarantees someone is always available to answer any support inquires or to help resolve issues. This best helps to resolve errors and ensure your website stays up as long as possible!

Here is Adam's take on what personalized support means to him:

Personalized support, that's difficult. Perhaps it's centered around us asking probing questions and looking into the client's account to determine the best approach to their issue?"

Kevin: "We can offer visual and verbal support either through Chat or ticket systems. We work together to create an environment in which clients feel comfortable asking questions and confident that they will receive quality, constructive answers, and solutions. Our team provides quick delivery of advice and is equipped to address even very specific issues pertaining to client accounts. We all have patience and are able to explain the technical aspects of hosting in easy-to-understand ways."

Gwyn: "Our frontline team is cohesive, and we work together to solve problems. While we go through the basic troubleshooting steps to make sure that things aren't overlooked, we also tailor our interactions with clients to their specific needs.

When someone comes into our chats regularly, we remember their names and keep ourselves updated on their tickets and issues so that we can provide a level of service and client support that you don't really get from a lot of online businesses. We like to build customer relationships and earn loyalty.

Our 'round the clock support means that at any time of day or night, we can address whatever issues come up as soon as they need to be addressed. Our staff at every time of day and every day of the week are fully trained and capable of handling all the same issues, so you won't get less support whether it's midnight on a Saturday or noon on a Tuesday."

Ron: "Hostwinds support differs greatly from the industry standard. We make ourselves highly available (24/7/365 through call, chat, or ticket) and attempt to respond to tickets as promptly as possible (normally within an hour). Our frontline agents who answer the live chats and the phone calls are very well versed in almost all aspects of hosting, and all share a common drive to solve issues, not just pass them on to a ticket. We do everything within our power to solve problems in the quickest and most comprehensive way."

Kyle: "We have probably the most versatile and responsive support team for hosting that I've ever encountered. Personalized support means that each client has their own journey with hosting that they've experienced up to this point, and it is up to us to raise the bar when it comes to understanding and empathy.

24/7/365 support means that whenever you need help, we are always here to hear you out and help point you in the right direction."

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So there you have it, folks, a detailed analysis of what personal support means to our team. Onto the conclusion!


In conclusion, we wonder, "Why does every blog post have to have a conclusion?" What's that? Blog posts don't always require conclusions because of their out-of-the-box, creating formatting? What great news because we've pretty much summed up the core principles that were important to convey in this blog post.

There is one more thing, though: We want to hear your thoughts! Please feel welcome to comment below if you have questions about our live support or if there is anything you would like to share. Other than that, have a peaceful and joyful rest of your week!

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Written by Hostwinds Team  /  July 3, 2020