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Winds are Picking Up

by: Andrea Martin  /  August 29, 2012

Long time no talk, Hostwinners! We've been as busy as ever with the new projects we are working on, including one that will be released in just a few weeks! So stay tuned for that by checking in on our blog posts every week.

With our growth as a company, we have begun to hire more employees. Our newest one is quickly becoming a valued member of the Hostwinds team. Everyone give a warm welcome to our new developer, Daniel L! He has my name, so he's sure to be a success.

Our number one priority has always been the client. We want to treat you guys like family, friends, and co-workers, all to get to where you need to be. We know that it's frustrating having to talk to a 'machine' instead of a person, so we focus on being as down-to-earth as possible. Our employees are currently going through some training in this process, and hopefully, our customers will soon see the results.

Thank you all for your support of Hostwinds – it makes a difference. Our popularity grows mainly by word-of-mouth, so it does us an incredibly kind favor when you recommend us to someone else.

Thank you all for reading this week's blog post! Until next time,

Written by Andrea Martin  /  August 29, 2012