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WordPress Plugin Preview: Draw Attention (Interactive Images) Featured Image

WordPress Plugin Preview: Draw Attention (Interactive Images)

by: Hostwinds Team  /  April 10, 2017

Today's featured WordPress plugin is a little gem called Draw Attention, created by Tyler Digital. It lets you easily create interactive images to post on your responsive and even SEO-friendly site. It's not widely known, as there are only about 3,000 active installs at this time.

Note: If interested in discovering new plugins, you might be interested in Public Post Preview, too!

You can use it to put clickable hotspots on your images. Then when someone clicks the hotspot, it opens up an information box containing text, images, links, etc.

Use it to create interactive tutorials or to give readers more information on any specific item/area in your image. Or use it to mark spots on a map with featured areas. There are lots of ways this plugin could come in handy!

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There is both a free version on the WordPress plugin repository and a premium version. But the free version is pretty limited. If it's something that you find especially useful for your business, then you'll probably want to buy the premium one.

The free version only allows one interactive image at a time. The pro version lets you have multiple interactive images gives you other layout options (lightbox and tooltip), and comes with 20 pre-designed color and style templates (the free one only has 3, but you're free to manually create your color schemes).

Other ways to add interactive images in WordPress

The only reason this is the plugin featured for interactive images is that there's a free version. However, there are other plugins that, in my opinion, probably do it better. But they don't have free versions to test them out. You have to purchase them, but they are much cheaper.

The pro version of Draw Attention is $74 for one site with unlimited interactive images or $124 for unlimited sites.

Other options out there are a few on the Envato Marketplace, which is much cheaper:

  • Image Map Hotspot ($19): Can display your tooltip upon click or mouseover, has smooth CSS transitions
  • Image Map Pro ($19): Comes with 150 SVG images to use. You can create custom shapes and add rich interactive media within the infoboxes
  • iMapper ($30): Comes with seven different pin styles to add to images, Google Fonts, content bubble animation, and many custom settings to create unique, interactive images

Interactive content on your site, if done well, can help keep visitors around longer and provide many benefits to both you and your customers. Content Marketing Institute has research and information on interactive content that should give you some ideas on how and when to use it.

How have you used interactive content? Are there any helpful tools you use you'd like to share?

Written by Hostwinds Team  /  April 10, 2017