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Credentials of 300K Users Posted on Website by Hackers Featured Image

Credentials of 300K Users Posted on Website by Hackers

by: Bryon Turcotte  /  February 19, 2014

Researchers from High-Tech Bridge – the Swiss "security and computer forensics_" company – have reportedly discovered that the credentials of over 300,000 computer users were recently placed on _Pastebin. On this website, text may be "stored online for a "set period of time_, "according to an article published by SC Magazine. The article stated that this storage action compromised "_log-in and password pairs – for various services, websites, and emails."

The Pastebin website was initially launched in 2007 as a temporary text storage space but is now a spot where hackers "_reveal compromised account details_" and where they can "_show off their expertise, rather than for direct financial gain_, "according to the article. These hackers have publicized captured information, as the report indicates, from "_Comcast, the FBI, Tesco, and the Singapore government._"

High-Tech Bridge outlined in the article that every "leak record_" on the website "_contains 1,000 user credentials._" The firm's research suggested that most leaks are from _hactivists often groups like Anonymous and Lulz Sec – that pride themselves on posting "personal data and passwords of law enforcement and security agencies_" to show the world that this type of breach is "_possible_, "according to the article. Ilia Kolochenko, High-Tech Bridge CEO, was quoted in the article to say that, "_It's a proof of concept; they'd like to show that they've hacked someone. The posts are, in effect, adverts for the attackers' capabilities."

Read more about how this and other malicious events have kept security firms like High-Tech Bridge and others around the globe very busy in the full article at SC Magazine.

Written by Bryon Turcotte  /  February 19, 2014