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Cyber-Attacks Hit Ukraine as Russians Occupy Crimea Featured Image

Cyber-Attacks Hit Ukraine as Russians Occupy Crimea

by: Bryon Turcotte  /  March 7, 2014

The recent occupation of Ukrainian territory by Russian military forces has spawned many "cyberattacks" – which include the disabling and defacing of websites with "pro-Russia propaganda messages_, "and the overall disruption of the region's "_communication networks_, "according to an article published by The Web Hosting Industry Review website. These acts of "_hacktivism_"within the Crimean peninsula, according to the article, are prompted mostly from "_social, political and religious issues_" that come from "_both sides_" of the conflict. The article noted that a "_Ukrainian hacktivist group_" known as "_Cyber-Berkut_" reportedly "_claimed responsibility for vandalizing 40 websites since the dispute began."

The primary tool behind many acts of "hacktivism_" is the _Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, which, according to the article, is used to "overwhelm servers with a large number of requests so that legitimate traffic can't reach sites." Chris Risley, CEO of, a DDoS mitigation provider, commented in the article that these actions have been "_responsible for many of the largest volume DDoS attacks._"'s CTO Barrett Lyon feels the term "hacktivism" is a very "misleading" term as he comments in the article saying, "_What you're doing is cutting off internet access to somebody, and saying it's okay for anyone to make a decision on who's online and who's not. It goes against the whole cause of an open internet._"

Read more in the full article about what the experts say about this conflict, its technological weapons, and how both sides are doing their best to use the "hacktivism" tactic and gain ground.

Written by Bryon Turcotte  /  March 7, 2014