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Features Included in All VPS Plans

1 Gbps Ports

Solid State Drives


99.9999% Uptime

Free Website Transfer

Custom ISO's

Friendliness Guarantee

Multiple Locations

Enterprise Firewall

Unmanaged VPS Hosting Features

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Monitoring System

We offer a real-time monitoring service for all VPS Hosting plans whereby we proactively monitor your server and automatically open a support ticket for you in the event of a technical issue.

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Instant Scalability

Increase your server resources instantly by upgrading to the next tier of your Unmanaged Linux VPS plan! Upgrading is simple with Hostwinds, allowing you to scale your server based on your needs.

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Nightly Backups

Hostwinds offers a nightly backup service so that your essential information is always secure. You can keep your backups for as long as you like and access them at any time!

Our Cloud Portal Makes Managing Servers Easy

Every Hostwinds Linux VPS comes standard with a variety of additional tools and utilities for your convenience.

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Snapshots take a complete real-time backup of your server. You can then use this snapshot to recover your virtual private server in the event of a critical failure. You can also use any of your snapshots to launch multiple VPS's based on one template quickly. This means you can easily scale applications and only have to worry about configuring all your settings once. Snapshots provide you the flexibility you need to make full use of the Hostwinds cloud.

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Enterprise Firewall

Protect your cloud server from incoming threats with our easy to configure Cloud Firewalls. This allows you to easily configure what traffic you want to allow to and from your VPS. This firewall is implemented externally from your server, which provides additional security against malware that may try to disable your server's software firewall.

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Volumes can be created and attached to any VPS. This is an excellent method for creating a second hard drive for additional bulk storage. You can also quickly move volumes between VPS's with just a few clicks.

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Object Storage

Object storage is perfect for storing any type of data. Think of it as a big box in the cloud for all your "stuff". You can easily integrate with our object storage service utilizing any clients that support the industry standard S3 protocol.

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Load Balancers

Our Load Balancers distribute traffic across multiple VPS's. This allows you to deploy highly available and horizontally scalable applications easily. You can customize how your traffic distributes as well as configure sticky sessions and other advanced features.

Wide Selection of Linux Distributions

Launch your server on your favorite linux distribution, in seconds.





Frequently Asked Questions about Unmanaged Linux VPS

What is an Unmanaged Linux VPS?

Hostwinds Unmanaged Linux VPS services come with full root access to your account and total control over your server configurations. This is a great way to save if you do not need any support for your services and feel comfortable monitoring and troubleshooting your server.

The low cost of these services allows you to save money. You still benefit from the enterprise infrastructure we have built. You are, however, expected to support yourself.

Unmanaged VPS services do not come with any technical, management, or administrative support.

Can I upgrade my unmanaged server to managed?

Hostwinds allows you to upgrade to Managed services at any time if you decide you require assistance or support for your Unmanaged VPS.

This can be done at any time through your server overview page in the Cloud Control Portal with the click of a button. Once your upgrade is complete, our team of experts can provide you with any technical, management, or administrative assistance that you may need.

What is the difference between Unmanaged Linux and Fully Managed Linux Servers?

A Fully Managed VPS comes with 24/7/365 support. In other words, if you make a request, we will do everything in our power to get the issue sorted out.

For example, suppose your server or application needs an update or patch. In that case, all you will need to do is open a support ticket and request that your system or application be updated, and we will assist you.

With a Hostwinds Unmanaged VPS plan, we will ensure your VPS can start up and is 'functional' with the power, networking, and connection between your server and Hostwinds so that you can perform any necessary actions on it.

Hostwinds will supply no other assistance or support.

Is there a benefit in ordering an Unmanaged Linux VPS with Hostwinds?

If you are a website developer, SAAS provider, Systems Administrator, or have your own cloud-ready business with an IT team already in place, Hostwinds Unmanaged Servers will have you set up and ready at an affordable price.

You will receive all the tools necessary to manage and configure your server to meet your unique needs, including full root access to the server, SSH access, and VNC.

Hostwinds Cloud Control also gives you everything you need to manage and configure your server as you see fit based on your unique requirements.

Should I buy Unmanaged or Managed Linux VPS from Hostwinds?

The choice is entirely up to you. Our goal is to give you as many options as possible, back the services we offer you with Enterprise Hardware and provide our services for the lowest price possible.

Our Unmanaged Linux VPS plans allow us to give clients who have experience monitoring and maintaining Virtual Private Servers more cost-effective plans.

Hostwinds Cloud Environment paired with the Hostwinds Cloud Portal gives our clients everything they need to manage and maintain a Linux VPS.

We created an abundance of packages we offer to ensure that our clients have many choices and are secure and successful no matter what.

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